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Researching and dissecting mainstream media narratives to bring you the  blunt and honest, unedited TRUTH, no matter where that truth leads. AdamSpeaks strives to build a bridge between differing ideas, political affiliations, religions and cultures, through tireless research to uncover our world's suppressed knowledge.

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AdamSpeaks, while creating quality, well researched original content, also relies on our friends and partners within the truth community to bring forth the real news, by uncovering the real agendas planned for our world by the super-rich elites. We don't simply parrot what MSM puts out as news, but meticulously sift through it all to separate the lies from truth, so we can report it to you, so that you can make well informed decisions for you and your family.


Each week AdamSpeaks will choose media partner submissions to be featured here on the site, as well as on AdamSpeaks Facebook & Twitter feeds. The content creator will be given full credit for their submission, if chosen. {Subject to approval)

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